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About Us

Little Scholars Staff

Our staff take great pride in their roles as teachers and care givers for the children.They shower them with compassion, knowledge, skill development and fun filled activities to augment their learning.

Their skills range from arts & crafts, music, dance, singing, languages, gymnastics, yoga and meditation.The children are responsive to all the activities and teachings at the centre; it shows in their day-to-day growth.The staff are also constantly improving their own skills and knowledge by taking courses, increasing credentials on an on-going basis. Staff qualifications range from Child Development Assistant level to Child Development Supervisors.

The staff and centre are accredited with affiliations and certifications from the following:

  • ✎ Family Resource Facilitation Program
  • ✔ Determining the Meaning of Behaviour
  • ✔ Building Relationships with Children
  • ✔ Positive Interactions
  • ✔ Community Resources
  • ✔ The Importance of Emotional Vocabulary
  • ✔ The Pyramid Model for Supporting Social Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children
  • ✔ Fun and Creative Circle Times
  • ✔ The Pyramid Model for Supporting Social Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children
  • ✎ Creative Childcare Consulting
  • ✎ Government of Alberta (compliance)
  • ✎ Accredited Child Care Service

About Gargi

GargiMrs. Gargi Saini is a licenced teacher (Ontario College of Teachers).She is a Child Development Supervisor and possesses the Food Safety certification from Alberta Health Services.

She has received her Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts.

Her career started as a teacher.She taught from grades 1 to 6.After having her children, she decided to come to Canada to afford her children with better opportunities and to provide care and help develop children in her community. Along with the responsibility of the Centre, Gargi has endeavoured to accredit herself with several leadership, program planning and communication certificates to become an effective leader, mentor, care and education provider. Coming from a different culture herself, the centre’s staff represents different backgrounds and countries and, is a true representation of our Canadian Culture.

Our staff consists of organized and hardworking people. They believe in teamwork and treating everyone with equal love and care. These virtues are encouraged for the children as well, proving excellent results.

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